Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Royal Diaries Series: Eleanor & Catherine Kristiana Gregory

The Royal Diaries is a series of diaries written from the point of view of a famous princess.  I am reviewing two books from the series: Eleanor (France) and Catherine (Russia). Both books narrate the joyful experiences and struggles each of these girls go through for a period of one year.  Gregory wrote through the perspective of major life changes in their lives.  This series seems to be geared toward middle school girls.  Eleanor and Catherine were fast and interesting reads.  I was eager to find out what happened to both princesses.  If you child likes historical fiction this is a good book for them.
POSITIVE Both girls speak about their faith in God.  They show resilience and and courage in major life challenges.

EDUCATIONAL  I really enjoyed the historical notes at the end of the book.  They tell what happens to the girls as they grow into adulthood.  It describes their reigns as the head of their respective countries.  It also goes through their family trees.

  • research historical period - what they wore; customs etc.
  • write a chapter or diary from point of view of another major character in the story
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