Thursday, April 1, 2010

An American Girl - Meet Addy Book One (1864) - Connie Porter Illustrated by Melodye Rosales

"Meet Addy" is part of the American Girls collection.  Addy is a spirited African American slave who lived during the Civil War. In book one we meet Addy and her family who are trying to escape from slavery.  When I was younger I loved the American Girls books and this book does not disappoint.  It took me back to those times when I couldn't put these books down and I couldn't wait for the next one.  Your children will want to read the whole series in one sitting.

POSITIVE Addy's parents model what true love really is.  Her mother teaches her to focus on loving people and not hating them even when she's beaten.  Addy is courageous and loving.

EDUCATIONAL This is a historical fiction book.  It is good for ages 7 and up.  Porter does not sugar coat the experiences that a slave goes through in 1864.  "A Peek Into The Past" gives more information on slavery and the Underground Railroad.

  • Visit an underground railroad stop if you live near one
  • Visit the Field Museum
  • show your children videos during this time period
  • Highlight Addy's characteristics as examples to how your children can handle situations
  • do a bible study on love
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