Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is Heaven Like? By Beverly Lewis Illustrated by Pamela Querin

Has your child ever asked you this question?  This is a fantastic book to answer any child's questions about heaven.  It is written from a young boy's perspective after his grandfather dies.  Each page shows him asking about different aspects in heaven.  On the bottom of each page is a bible verse that corresponds with the question asked.  Querin has beautifully illustrated each page.

POSITIVE Lewis succeeds in matching the bible verse on each page to the question her narrator asks.  The grandmother also goes through the gospel message with the young boy.  I think it's done in a way that is understandable and simple for any child to learn.  This book strongly emphasizes Jesus and the Bible which is a great way to teach about heaven.  It beautifully represents the bible in words and pictures.  Anyone reading this will be touched by God's words.

EDUCATIONAL One of the things I really liked was how much dialogue is written in this book.  For children who are just learning to read and write this is a good example of how a conversation is written in a book.  When children see it modeled it's easier for them to write a conversation into their own stories.  It also teaches kindergarten and first grade students what a question is.  Many times in my teaching career my first graders had a hard time understanding the difference between a sentence and a question - this book gives great examples.  Lewis takes a hard concept to explain and does it in a sensitive way.  She teaches about what heaven will look like using the bible and coupled with the beautiful illustrations children will have a lovely image when they read the different verses.

ACTIVITY  Put the different verses used in the book together and make a picture out of it.  To expand on that concept find verses on other things explained in the bible (for example how Jesus will look when he comes a second time) and draw a picture or write a vivid description.  You can also use this book as a springboard for teaching the gospel message.

As always any comments or activities you have will be appreciated. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We're Going on a Bear Hunt By: Michael Rosen Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

This is a delightful adventure book that young children will love.  It starts with the Father taking his children through the various places in a journey to find a bear.  This book takes you on a journey with the family that goes through the grass, mud, river, woods and a cave to look for a bear. Your children will be engaged with this pop-up edition the whole way through.  They'll be excited to see what happens on each page.  Michael Rosen does a good job of capturing your imagination as you read the book.  The illustrations also are of good quality and original.

POSITIVE  This is a great book for a father to read to his children.  The family always helps each other out and sticks together as they figure out how to get out of the trouble they are in.  It shows unity and a sense of togetherness.

EDUCATIONAL  Due to the repetition in the book this is an excellent book for children first starting to read.  It encourages them to remember the words.  The illustrations are reminiscint of Roald Dahl's books.   
ACTIVITY:  After reading the book you and your child can go on your own adventure through a local forest preserve or garden trying to find a plant or animal.  They can then write a book about their adventure.

Please share your thoughts or activities that you would do with this book.


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