Thursday, March 4, 2010

Charlie Monkey - By Jo Rigg & Simon Mugford

"Charlie Monkey" is part of the Funny Faces Series.  My 10 month old daughter loves this book.  It's a touch, feel, light and sounds book.  Each page shows a different animal with a sensory part on its body.  It also has a catchy rhyme about the animal.  Young children will love feeling the different parts of the animal and the appealing rhymes.

POSITIVE The book is engaging and colorful.

EDUCATIONAL This is an excellent book for any child up to second grade.
The rhyming helps emerging readers to learn to read while it helps younger children develop language skills.  The sensory sections are good for the children to feel different textures.

  • Expand on the sensory part of the book by giving your child different objects with different textures
  • Add on to the book with different animals using the same type of rhyme and make a picture with one part of the animal a different texture
  • For older children watch videos of the animals they read about in the book

As always any comments or suggestions are welcomed!

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