Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 39 Clues: Book 4 - Beyond The Grave

The 39 Clues Book 4: Beyond the GraveIn this number one New York Times bestselling series we continue on a thrilling journey with the Cahill siblings on a treasure hunt. This is the fourth book in a 10 part series. Each book is written by a different author.  Beyond the Grave is just as exciting as the first three books.
Jude Watson picks up where Peter Lerangis left off in Book 3.  Amy and Dan are in Egypt looking for the next clue that their deceased grandmother, Grace, has left for the Cahill family members on this treasure hunt.  In this adventure they get help from the grave as their Grandmother guides them to the clues to help them to try to win this challenge.

POSITIVE Amy and Dan struggle with dysfunctional family relationships throughout the series.  In this book they have to choose between believing the best in each other and their Grandmother or being just like the rest of their cousins.  They come up against choices that go against everything they have been taught to get ahead of this game. The Cahills decide to choose what their Grandmother Grace taught them.  This will be good opportunities to highlight to your children how choices affect not only them but the people around them.  They also stick together and stay strong in the end.

EDUCATIONAL: Every book gives a history lesson on the country they are in.  In this book your children will learn about ancient Egyptian artifacts and places. This book is a good read for advanced 2nd grade readers to middle school age children.

  • make a video of important Egyptian artifacts and places
  • write the story from the point of view of one of the Cahill ancestors
  • visit the Field Museum of Natural History's section on Egypt
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  1. My 4th Grade son is a huge fan of the 39 Clues series! Excellent review