Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea - by Marcus Pfister

From the author who brought you "Rainbow Fish" come another fantastic tale about Rainbow Fish.  With it's sparkly pictures and engaging story Rainbow Fish and his friends are sure to delight your child on every page.
In this new adventure Rainbow Fish is playing with his friends when he loses his last silver scale.  This begins a journey that brings him new and different friends.  Every page glitters with different deep sea creatures that Rainbow Fish meets along the way.

POSITIVE  Rainbow Fish is open to being friends with creatures that are different from him.  This is a good segway into talking to your children about acceptance of different people and about what diversity means.

EDUCATIONAL  Pfister shows many different sea creatures in the book.  This will interest young children into looking up different ocean animals.

  • Teach young children what goes into simple science reports using the different sea creatures featured in this book
  • Introduce elementary age children to Power Point.  Show them how to make a slide show using the different creatures as their subjects
  • Take a trip to the aquarium to learn more about the animals featured in the book

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